Social Management Services

Complete Management

We offer a complete management service for businesses large and small and have specialists employed in Facebook and Twitter.  We also have masses of experience in other social media platforms such as Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Periscope and Snapchat.      For our standard services, please see – Social Packages

Having worked in Social Media for over 10 years we have met many different people and businesses from crafters to decorators, from web designers to mineral purveyors and 90% of the people that we speak to say the same things over and over, Social Media takes time and patience and its hard work.  We explain to them that its hard work because you are literally building relationships, most people don’t meet someone in a bar and 2 minutes later invite them back for coffee.  Its a process of getting to know each other, learning each others habits and ways and gaining each others trust, unfortunately for most businesses (especially the smaller ones) they simply don’t have the time to continue with their Twitter or Facebook accounts and so they fall by the way side and the once great tool that would undoubtedly bring business to them is lost.

We, at The Social Keyboard, have the answer….


Active Account for Twitter

It is super important to keep your accounts active, if your accounts aren’t posting regularly and interacting then you drop off the radar of your followers and once this occurs there is very little chance that any sales, enquiries, interaction will come your way.

  • With our “Active Account” package we will keep you fresh in the mind of your potential customers, the package consists of the following:
  • Minimum of 5 tweets a day promoting your business and/or interacting with followers/possible clients
  • Retweets to show sociability
  • Follow/Unfollow as required
  • Lead passing
  • No Minimum contract

***Special Bonus***  We will give your account a spring clean to make it fresh, and will look over it to give any improvements to make your account more appealing

You get all the above for the amazing price of only £29 per month, which is less than £1 a day!

Contact us today and let’s make your Twitter account Active!

Social PA

There will be times when you simply can’t manage your socials – whether you are going on holiday, have hospital appointments, school meetings, illness etc

Our Social PA service is perfect for these occasions, we can temporarily manage your socials, for whatever period of time you decide, the minimum period is only 1 hour!

So if you have other appointments or simply fancy a break, just contact us and we can give you peace of mind that your socials are well looked after.

  •  Temporary cover for any or all of your Social Media Accounts
  • Only 1 hour minimum term
  • No Contract
  • Social PA is at your service from only £10
  • No set prices, quotes are based on client and requirements